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Olivieri Salumi boasts the presence of a short food chain production characterized by a circumscribed and limited number of production steps and especially commercial intermediaries. In doing so the company manages to have a careful and scrupulous monitoring of the raw material that makes up its products during all phases of the production cycle.



Nutrition and animal breeding are key elements for the quality of the final product. For this reason Olivieri Salumi relies for years to a breeder of confidence that uses specific technics of breeding and ensures a production of high quality standard. The pigs are exclusively born in Italian territory and raised in the countryside of Umbria, just a few
kilometres away from our establishment. Our region mainly constituted by mountains and hills is the perfect habitat for the growth of the animals. At the time of slaughter these pigs have an average weight of about 150-160 kg allowing it to provide meat that are crucial for the processing of high quality pork meat.



The company’s decisive choice to use a slaughterhouse near the factory allows instant meat processing. Therefore it avoids microbiological deterioration. Another guaranty of safety and quality of the final product lies in the features of our modern establishment. Today’s facilities and equipment meet all the sanitary requirements set by recent European standards for the food industry. Each stage of production is carried out by a highly qualified staff that today still manages to preserve the taste of artisan tradition through the balance between raw materials and a fair processing.



Olivieri Salumi owns a developed distribution channel and ready to meet various demands. In addition to the two shops in the city of Foligno, the company is present in many typical food shops, in the most important local butcheries and in some restaurants and pizzerias of the Umbria region. The goods are shipped and delivered throughout Italy and also abroad in a short time thanks to a reliable transport network. In case of need, refrigerated vans can be used in order to guarantee consumers fresh products in accordance with the sanitary requirements and without alteration of the organoleptic characteristics.


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The care and attention that we dedicate to our products combined with the choice of efficient commercial partners allows us to bring to your table high quality products in the respect of the artisan tradition.